Cold Man.. Old Man…Knocking at Our Door

Old Man Winter





old man winter

We had hot chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Feeling cooped up like a chicken on a rainy day we found things to do like making forts and building fires not to mention taking bath after bath and sledding on the ice/snow covered lawn.

There is a quite time that comes with snow, with Winter.  He has a quiet confidence that breathes at a steady pace.

The power went off in the middle of the night, taking darkness to a historical novel level.  I wondered as I laid in bed what it must have been like to live in the past where heat came only from a fire pit and noise came only from the farm.

No TV, no computers, no DS or Iphones….just silence in the middle of the night dreading the morning to come if it didn’t get “turned back on”.  Honestly, I was a bit freaked out…what would my kids do, how would I manage my day?

I quickly requested underneath the covers in a half sleep, “please let the power be back on by day light!”

It did…I was

so happy


have all

the luxuries

of Modern Day America

once again escaping the dreams of Laura Ingles back to 2015.

I was and am so grateful.  We, us American’s have become so attached to this “way of living”.  Not my fault or theirs…simply….our WAY of LIFE.

Tonight is cold, and freezing…. no school tomorrow.

Tonight brings another Winter Advisory from Old Man Winter.  Cold, snow showers in the afternoon and black ice.

We will find ourselves here again tomorrow, but another day lived.

Old Man Winter…

He is cold, and unforgiving and at times so silent that I find myself wondering if I have the courage to live the life of his reality.


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