I am not afraid….I was born to do this….

  Acronyms  are a way of Life here in America.

LOL /laugh out loud

KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken

BBF / Best Friends Forever

NASA / National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationASAP

FYI / For Your Information

UPS / United Postal Service

ET / Extra Terrestrial

ISBN / National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationPTO / Paid Time Off

CNN / Cable News Networks

IQ /  Intelligence quotient

then there is the


 which stands for


I have been living, breathing, dreaming, sifting, reading, highlighting, decoding, marking, revising, creating, again and again and again since September 23.  Jack’s IEP is like no other DOCUMENT I have ever been in contact with.  It’s worse than a WILL.  Because at least when the WILL goes into affect….your dead and you don’t have to worry about a thing!  The IEP is the fine arts painting the IEP “team” comes up while everyone is putting in their strokes of “genius”.  Thank GOD that part of that team is WE THE PARENTS this at least puts the ‘I” in IEP.

If there is ANYTHING I can say for ANYONE who has a child with an IEP would be…..LEARN the LAW that supports your child having the IEP in the first place.  The LAW is the building blocks to your child’s success!  Had I taken it more seriously in the beginning we may not be where we are now, trying to literally claw Jack out of the an IEP that does not harness his strengths, accommodate for his disability and acknowledge his capabilities as an individual.  My fingers are getting bloody and my voice is getting hoarse but DAMN if I am going to give up!  Jack’s education up to third grade is littered with procedural violations, misallocating of school funding, ineffective teaching, and abuse of power by the district and the “don’t ask don’t tell” mentality and approach to educating parents on the process and law of their special needs child and their rights.  I wish with all my heart someone had written this down to me and put the RED FLAG up so I would have taken notice much sooner.  I did however smell a rat and started sniffing around three years ago which eventually lead me to the right questions, the right staff, the right supervisor, to an masters in inclusion and curriculum and to the executive director of special needs of our district and to the state department of TN, to the mayor of our county and beyond if need be.  I have a mission that is undeniable….I can NOT allow this lack of attention, integrity and intelligence to go on any further.  The battle is on……and I intend to win!!!

“One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.


Joan of Arc


Author: openlifestudio

I am a self taught photographer and mixed media artist with a degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts in classical theatre performance. Stage was my first love and brought me into the world art while photography is what made me want to stay. I am married to superman, and am the mother of three little super-ducks. I studied creative writing at the Univeristy of Tn and classical drama at the NC School of the Arts, and a Masters in Education with concentration of inclusion and curriculum. I've liived in NYC and LA for the past decade and moved back to TN for some home cooking and back yard fun . I spend most of my days getting little ones through life and playing in my studio. I sell my work through different venues and am really happy where I find myself these days. I love to drink a bottle of wine (with my hubby) coupled with extra cheddar blast goldfish! Having kids has changed my life, the arts has shaped my life, and my soulmate continues everyday to walk through my life beside me. What else could a country city girl like me need.

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