A Month to Remember

This is why I have not posted in almost a month

I have never read so much in my life

Conducting research is like conducting a symphony

There are so many instruments that make the whole

So many hours of practice and only one time to perform

I finished this class with a crick in my neck and butt loads of copies of abstracts and other people’s opinions

I posted my literature review and am moving on to yet another class–#5

I have mangaed to juggle my time this month and enjoy the Autumn season, hang with my adorable, sassy, messy, yet productive, creative, smarty pants kids…and their neighborhood friends.

October flew by as fast as an autumn leaf falling from the tree as I realized looking around this morning on my way to morning coffee that it’s November, the leaves are mostly on the ground and isles and isles of Christmas items are loaded in the stores while the withces and Frankenstein’s are tossed in the back for next year.  The day after Halloween Logan demanded all the decorations to be taken down…”it’s not Halloween anymore Mom, Thanksgiving in next!”  These kids–they are so ontop of celebrating the NEXT big event!

Birthday’s, holidays, anniversary’s

It’s been a big month!

Matt and I had our 10 year anniversary!!!

We made our way up to a cabin in the woods in North Carolina and hung out together just the two of us for over 24 hours!  It was lovely.  He surprised me with the trip–planning the whole thing all by himself.

I love him

I am in love with him

I say “I do” everytime I look into his eyes

He is my best friend

As far as the rest of the month….it went day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, to seconds to now

I am writing this in my “spare” time

Between everything from reading, laundary, feeding dogs., telling kids to “be careful”, and at the same time “pick that up”

I am writing this with tired eyes from a very long month

Long from the inside

Outside it flew by like the birds outside my window

I heard it

I even watched it at times

But October is gone

November is…..

Well, before I get there here are the memories of one of my favorite months of the year

Here we go……….



There are so mnay pictures

So little time

I will





Author: openlifestudio

I am a self taught photographer and mixed media artist with a degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts in classical theatre performance. Stage was my first love and brought me into the world art while photography is what made me want to stay. I am married to superman, and am the mother of three little super-ducks. I studied creative writing at the Univeristy of Tn and classical drama at the NC School of the Arts, and a Masters in Education with concentration of inclusion and curriculum. I've liived in NYC and LA for the past decade and moved back to TN for some home cooking and back yard fun . I spend most of my days getting little ones through life and playing in my studio. I sell my work through different venues and am really happy where I find myself these days. I love to drink a bottle of wine (with my hubby) coupled with extra cheddar blast goldfish! Having kids has changed my life, the arts has shaped my life, and my soulmate continues everyday to walk through my life beside me. What else could a country city girl like me need.

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