All in ONE

some days go by so slow I can see the molecules of seconds pass in front of my eyes

when i turn i see my kids and a touch of  NASCAR hits my gut

i feel young one day and full of future

while after a quick turn north

i feel older than young

full of nostalgia and contemplatiion

who am i ?

i am both

i am everything at once

all the time

i see one half myself one minute and the other half  in a blink of my eye

i look in the mirror and i am 41

i walk away , sit in the grass , look up at the clouds … i am 22

i don’t have an age

i don’t have a place

i have my inner space

choosing the lens i see through second by second

i feel it when i am sad

i know it when i am happy

life is so potent

life is so elusive

there is no putting it in  a bottle

there is no one way to feel

the feelings are what life is

moving in a constant stream

not up or down

but around

i am a poet

full of imagery

i am a writer

full of words

i am a  painter

full of color

i am a mother

full of love

i am a wife

full of commitment

i am a daughter

full of loyality

i am a friend

full of conversation

I am a creative

full of energy




Author: openlifestudio

I am a self taught photographer and mixed media artist with a degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts in classical theatre performance. Stage was my first love and brought me into the world art while photography is what made me want to stay. I am married to superman, and am the mother of three little super-ducks. I studied creative writing at the Univeristy of Tn and classical drama at the NC School of the Arts, and a Masters in Education with concentration of inclusion and curriculum. I've liived in NYC and LA for the past decade and moved back to TN for some home cooking and back yard fun . I spend most of my days getting little ones through life and playing in my studio. I sell my work through different venues and am really happy where I find myself these days. I love to drink a bottle of wine (with my hubby) coupled with extra cheddar blast goldfish! Having kids has changed my life, the arts has shaped my life, and my soulmate continues everyday to walk through my life beside me. What else could a country city girl like me need.

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